Dussmann Trophy on television

Here is a nice look back at the Dussmann Trophy 2014 by RTL Television. Big thanks!


Czech Republic win Dussmann Trophy 2014

After 3 wins over Denmark, Slovenia and Luxembourg, the team of Czech Republic finished the Dussmann Trophy on first place.

Denmark secures the second place with a thrilling win over Slovenia today.

The hosts finish on 4th place.

MVP of the tournament is Tereza ŠIPOVÁ from Czech Republic.


A big thank you to all the people who helped making the tournament again a great succes!

And good luck to all the teams for their European championship this summer!

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Results and Stats of the second gameday

Slovenia vs Czech Republic.pdf
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Stats of the first gameday

Pictures of the first gameday on facebook

Pictures of the first game can be found on this facebook page:



Thanks to Fernand Welschbillig!

Czech Republic and Slovenia with wins

On the first gameday of the Dussmann Trophy 2014, Czech Republic and Slovenia came up with wins over Denmark and Luxembourg.

Especially the game between Slovenia and Luxembourg was very close until the end.


Czech Republic - Denmark: 65-44 (21-10, 14-8, 14-11, 16-15)


Luxembourg - Slovenia: 53-63 (18-12, 13-16, 13-20, 9-15)



On the second gameday, Czech Republic will face Slovenia at 16h45 and Luxembourg faces Denmark at 19h30.
Don't forget the Showmatch of the Luxrollers at 18h30!

First game is on his way

The Dussmann Trophy 2014 officially started a few moments ago, with the game between Czech Republic an Denmark.

The teams are ready to compete, and the gym is also ready!

Trophies & T-shirts

The trophies and t-shirts already arrived for this year's event!

Make sure to find out by yourself who will be the winner of the Dussmann Trophy 2014!

Next to the great games on the court, you will find a big exhibition about the Games of the Small States of Europe. At the same time, go and taste the self made waffles!
And don't forget the Luxrollers with their show on saturday!

Teams 2014

In exactly one week, all the teams will arrive in Luxembourg for this year's Dussmann Trophy.

Already know, you can find the team pictures and rosters in the "Teams" menu on the right.

Schedule for the Dussmann Trophy 2014

Here is the official schedule for the Dussmann Trophy 2014:




17h00  Czech Republic - Denmark


19h15  Luxembourg - Slovenia




16h45  Slovenia - Czech Republic


18h30   Luxrollers Showmatch


19h30  Denmark - Luxembourg




17h00  Slovenia - Denmark


19h15  Luxembourg - Czech Republic


Please note that the entrance is free.

Come and support top youth basketball.

All the teams are known for the Dussmann Trophy 2014

This year's Dussmann Trophy welcomes again 3 top european U16 Women teams all over Europe, together with team Luxembourg.

The silver medal winner of the european championship 2013 is certainly the favourite for the win in the tournament.
On the other side, Denmark, the newcomers in division A, will prove that they belong to the top teams in Europe in 2014.
Last but not least, one of the biggest basketball nations in Europe will also make their way to Mersch: Slovenia.

The show can begin!

2nd edition of the Dussmann Trophy

After an excellent first edition of the Dussmann Trophy in 2013, the story continues with the second edition of the tournament in 2014!
This year, the tournament will be held from 6. - 8. June 2014 in Mersch of course!

Stay tuned for more informations and make sure to be part of it again!


France wins the Dussmann Trophy 2013

On the last gameday, Belgium clinched their first win of the tournament by beating Slovakia after overtime 59-54!


In the last game, which was at the same time the final of this tournament, France could win over Luxembourg 66-49 to finish the tournament as the winner!

Luxembourg, the only B-Division team, finishes the tournament on an excellent 2nd spot!


Here are all the results and final standings!




Belgium vs France 46 - 63

Slovakia vs Luxembourg 54 - 50                                    

France vs Slovakia 67 - 59

Luxembourg vs Belgium 49 - 41                         

Slovakia vs Belgium 54 - 59

France vs Luxembourg 66 - 49


Final Standings:


1. France           3-0  6  196-154       

2. Luxembourg 1-2  4  148-161        (-4/+8) +4

3. Slovakia        1-2  4  167-176        (+4/-5) -1

4. Belgium         1-2  4  141-166        (-8/+5) -3

France stays unbeaten, Luxembourg surprises Belgium

With a 67-59 win over Slovakia, the Team of France stays unbeaten in the Dussmann Trophy.

In the second game, Luxembourg was able to surprise the team of Belgium to get a 49-41 victory.

The suspense is still on, as 3 teams are still in the race to win the tournament!

17h00: Belgium - Slovakia
19h15: Luxembourg - France

Wins for France and Slovakia

Results of todays games:

France-Belgium: 63-46 (14-10; 12-14; 16-16; 8-19)

Slovakia-Luxembourg: 54-50 (18-12; 15-14; 17-14; 4-10)

Next games, 19.05.2013:
17h00: Slovakia - France
19h15: Luxembourg - Belgium

The "Fanklatschen" are here!
No excuses anymore not to make noise at the Dussmann Trophy 2013!
Give the tournament a visit an grab one of these great "clapsters"!

First games are on saturday:
17h00: Belgium - France

19h15: Luxembourg - Slovakia


The rewards for the teams are there!
Find out who will get the winner trophy on the U16 Women Dussmann Trophy 2013 in Mersch!
First games will be on saturday, 18.05.2013:
17h00: Belgium vs France
19h15: Luxembourg vs Slovakia

Booklets out now!

The booklets for the Dussmann Trophy are ready and can already be found in some gyms all over Luxembourg.

Have a look at it! It includes some general information about the tournament and a lot of pictures of the CFBB Mersch.


Big thanks to all our Sponsors and "Donateurs"!

U16 Women Dussmann Trophy 2013

We are happy to announce that the teams of Slovakia, Belgium and France accepted the invitation to be part of the DUSSMANN Trophy 2013! All 3 teams are playing in the A Division during the European Championships!

Here is the game schedule for the 3 days:



17h00  Belgium - France

19h15  Slovakia - Luxembourg



17h00  France - Slovakia

19h15  Luxembourg - Belgium



17h00  Slovakia - Belgium

19h15  France - Luxembourg


In addition to the tournament, there will be a photo exhibition during the tournament days about luxembourgish women in the Olympics (by Conseil national des femmes du Luxembourg), completed by paintings of the students from LCD Internat Mersch.


Come and visit us and be part of this great tournament!